Elena of the Turks



she was met with the enforcer’s
clearly irritated scowl, his hands
now stuffed into his pockets. he
refused to look her in the eyes
as he answered,

                            “——I lost a bet.”


The look he gave hardly fazed her.
Instead,   a grin tugged and tugged
at the edges of her lips. there was
an attempt to  keep it from showing
but ultimately,     there was nothing
she could do. there it was,    clear
as                                             day.

     ❝ Must’ve been some bet. ❞

You want to assassinate someone? Vision is a basic requirement.

To be a k i l l e r you must first
                              kill a little bit of yourself.

I’m the b e s t at what I do. 

                 And what I do isn’t very p r e t t y



just wordlessly hands her
the other end of the leash.
damn it, rude. never again.

     ❝       ….. ❞

she regards the  leash with a mixture
of both confusion  and  barely hidden
amusement;  silently taking it from him
hands    and   eying the Hound with a
questioning                                  gaze.

     ❝ …..Reno?



WOW HI HELLO I’M BACK finally got my own broadband instead of borrowing my cousin’s at random intervals

That being said, have a color test I did with Reno!

I just l;ove this. Reno is recognisably himself; he isn’t prettified, he doesn’t look like a girl; his dishevelment looks authentic rather than studied. And the expression on his face - somewhere between mild disbelief and mild disgust!



    ;;⌚ }

❝ Inspector Elena Ijima.
  As of today, I’ve been assigned to the CID &
  I  will  be  joining  Inspector  Tseng  as   his
  permanent partner.     Pleased to meet you!

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